Bigger faster stronger a documentary about steroids

I thought bigger, faster, stronger did a good job of exposing hypocrisy in the sports world and the ridiculousness of demonizing a drug that most on this forum would like to see decriminalized exactly right. Having wrestled with steroids in his 2008 documentary “bigger, stronger, faster,” chris bell expands his purview to tackle america’s legal-drug industry — and the addictions it spawns. I think the video called, ''bigger,stronger,faster is an excellent documentary about steroids the narrator explains everything about steroid explaining what it is, whats it for, whats it good for, whats its effects and more, and interviews many people about steroids. Bigger, stronger, faster is a 2008 documentary film directed by christopher bell, about the use of anabolic steroids as performance-enhancing drugs in the u. Last night, i went to see bigger, stronger, faster - the side effects of being american written by chris bell and staring him and his two brothers, it is a no nonsense look at the world of performance enhancing drugs - what they are, what they do, who uses them, and most interestingly, how america.

Steroids are one of the most controversial subjects in the sports world — but especially where bodybuilding is concerned bigger, stronger, faster follows three brothers, all bodybuilders, and. Ostensibly, bigger, stronger, faster is a documentary about one of the hottest topics in american culture today: steroids but it is also a portrait of a family—the all-american bell family from. Steroid use stronger faster bigger stronger chris bell hulk hogan arnold schwarzenegger high school use of steroids side effects sylvester stallone well done mad dog carl lewis performance enhancing anabolic steroids christopher bell michael the documentary neither condones nor condemns steroids, but attempts to present the viewer with. The movie is a documentary called bigger stronger faster (2008) it deals with the use, abuse, and propaganda of steroids, while examining the root problem of why someone would want to take them it deals with the use, abuse, and propaganda of steroids, while examining the root problem of why someone would want to take them.

Bigger, stronger, faster: a documentary on steroids by alexis gentry published july 4, 2008 updated may 4, 2016 you could say chris bell ‘s bigger, stronger, faster is like a documentary on steroids. Filmmaker christopher bell on ‘bigger, stronger, faster,’ steroids, and how to cheat at the olympics bell discusses his new movie and why performance enhancers might not be as bad as you. What began simply as a documentary about steroid use in america, bigger, stronger, faster (the asterisk refers to the movie's subtitle: the side-effects of being american) turns out to be a. Title: bigger, faster, stronger: all about steroids cinematic techniques: the film uses a lot of animation at the beginning of the film to show if you want to be an american “icon” or “hero” like arnold schwarzenegger, sylvester stallone, or hulk hogan you must use steroids to become as big as them.

This film “bigger, faster, stronger” is a documentary work of the director christopher bell, who decided to make a screen version of one of the most critical facts of modern american society the basis of this film is the olympic motto “faster, higher, stronger. I am personally pro-legalization for drugs in general (including steroids) and i enjoyed bigger, faster, stronger, but i would also say that b,s,f is a quite biased (not to the point of infotainment masquerading as a documentary. Bigger, stronger, faster explores the controversy that is the steroid industry and the american obsession with being just what the film's title describes bsf is what you would call a balanced documentary, or to purists, a true documentary. Bigger faster stronger documentary this is a documentary about steriods, pretty much all the controversy about them it has interviews with athletes (baseball players, football players), some of the guys from westside barbell, an olympic lifting coach, politicians, doctors, etc.

Bigger faster stronger a documentary about steroids

Director chris bell talks about bigger stronger faster, the documentary that dares to ask why we condemn steroids while celebrating the accomplishments of those who use them just double-checked and it’s still on netflix instant. Bigger, stronger, faster makes strong connections between the american myth of deserved greatness and the use of steroids, both subjects requiring some mental gymnastics to justify fact is, we want to be the best, and there is no such thing as playing dirty. Blending comedy and pathos, bigger, stronger, faster is a collision of pop culture and first-person narrative, with a diverse cast including us congressmen, professional athletes, medical experts and everyday gym rats. In-depth analysis of editor's comments we at bigger faster stronger are unalterably opposed to anabolic steroid use by any athlete, bodybuilder or competitive lifter.

  • Smart, touching and enlightening, a combination that makes bigger, stronger, faster the best documentary of the year so far june 13, eye opening documentary on steroid use here in america.
  • That was two years ago, when a friend from the gym he uses, christopher bell, was filming “bigger, stronger, faster,” a documentary on steroids that was released on may 30.

I was happy to see that bigger, stronger, faster was selected as one of one of 16 films (from 953 submissions) screening in the sundance film festival documentary competition on january 17-27, 2008, in park city, salt lake city, ogden, and sundance, utah. Re: bigger, faster, stronger it isn't really about steroids it's more about what the maker of the documentary sees as the hypocritical value system that pushes people to use steroids. Laramie movie scope: bigger, stronger, faster: the side effects of being american an fresh look at steroids in sports by robert roten, film critic january 29, 2009-- this documentary, more than any other this year, challenges viewers assumptions about the way the world is portrayed in the mediai learned more from it than i did any other 2008 documentary i saw.

bigger faster stronger a documentary about steroids We take a look at the documentary bigger, faster, stronger - a film that will have you thinking deeply about steroids and their place in sports it seems that everyone has an opinion about the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports.
Bigger faster stronger a documentary about steroids
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